Pro-Cannabis Doctor, Who Battled Big Pharma, Found Dead at Home

An anti-Big Pharma doctor who advocated the use of cannabis has been found dead at home.

Dr. Sonya Kay Forbes was found dead at her Cunningham Avenue, St. Andrew home, police have revealed that she died from a stab wound to the abdomen.

Sonya was well-known in her field, and was also well known for her beauty pageant past. She was a former Miss Universe contestant who had turned to the medical profession later in life.

Dr. Forbes was not a regular doctor. She had dedicated her life and her work to the furthering of alternative therapies, in particular medical marijuana.

She had recently been working on a project in which the effects of cannabis were being used to cure people suffering from long-term eye problems.

Police have revealed that Dr. Forbes was found dead at home, alone and in ‘mysterious circumstances’.

A former resident at Kingston Public Hospital, Dr. Forbes was confident in her work, and was not affected by the pressures of being an outspoken holistic doctor.

The pressures on doctors who advocate alternative methods have been spoken about by many who feel the breath of Big Pharma constantly down their necks.

In the medical world, it can be a bad move to make yourself an enemy to the pharmaceutical industry, and many doctors have put their livelihoods at risk to stand up for what they believe in.

After the recent spate of deaths in the holistic doctor community, Dr. Forbes had made a point of telling her friends and family that she was ‘not suicidal’ and her deaths appears to be a mystery to those who knew her.

The cause of deaths has been determined by police to have been a ‘single stab wound to the abdomen’ but police have declined to say at this time whether they believe the wound to have been self inflicted or not.

RJR news reported:

“the probe is leaning towards a certain conclusion but the police are not yet prepared to reveal their findings”

Dr. Forbes was a resident eye specialist at the Kingston Public Hospital. Her specialism in medical marijuana and her glamorous past had made her somewhat of a local celebrity.

Medicinal marijuana is now legal in around half of all states. As more and more studies show the health benefits of the healing drug, many health professionals including Big Pharma are against such natural and alternative therapies.


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