Millions Of Italians Protesting Against NEWLY PROPOSED VACCINE MANDATE

The protests have been extremely large, and in every major Italian city, millions have gathered in the streets – but of course you likely haven’t seen this reported in the mainstream media.

At rally after rally they shout: “We want freedom!”. As in freedom to decide whether or not to shoot their children up with vaccines known to contain aluminum (known neurotoxin), thimerosal, desiccated viruses, fetal tissue, human and GMO cell lines, bovine growth hormones, formaldehyde, latex, and more.

One of the speakers leading a protest said: “The problem is not vaccines per se, but that Glaxo[Glaxo Smith Kline]is inside our ministry[government].
At their own admission, the company delivers more than two million vaccines daily to people in over 160 countries, indicating that their interests are not founded in promoting public health, but rather in making billions off the hoax public health crises they create.

a measles outbreak was the same modus operandi used by Big Pharma to push mandatory vaccine regulation in California. This is the very same means used by Italian officials to promote their own mandatory vaccine agenda. (And oddly, the articles on vaccination in the US media are like mirror images of each other for those who want to look further at the methods – pre-planned script – of brainwashing used by the crumbling power structure.)

Despite the fact that a groundbreaking study coming from researchers in China just found that vaccines containing an aluminum adjuvant (i.e., hepatitis B shot) spike cytokine levels in the hippocampus region of the brain, in particular the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6), the key cytokine known for its dysregulating effect on neuronal circuitry and the key cytokine implicated in autism.

You can see the Italian resistance on Facebook, ironically, even though it is being silenced in the US.
Here you can see a video of millions of Italians protesting the vaccine mandate.

The protests in Italy took place for nearly two months, in June and July 2017. However, despite the loud voice of the people, on July 28, Italy’s Parliament gave final approval to making a slate of childhood vaccinations mandatory for school children up to age 16, a move aimed at countering an anti-vaccine trend that officials have attributed to misinformation.

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