Man Removed From McDonald’s By Police For Buying A Homeless Person Food

A video showing two men being removed from a McDonald’s in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has caused outrage.

Yossi Gallo, in an act of kindness, decided to buy a homeless man some food from the fast-food chain.  He wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

In the video it is clear that the homeless man was not causing a disturbance yet the Police Officer claimed that the manager called, claiming the homeless man was trespassing.

Mr Gallo recorded the video and posted it to Facebook. It caught the eye of many people and is now going viral. The post incited much hatred towards the police officer and the McDonald’s store, with many of the comments suggesting the store be closed down.

The Mayor of Myrtle Beach, Brenda Bethune responded in an interview saying she felt “overwhelmed with how quickly this went viral“.

The tone of the interview was one of support and defense for the city and its police department. She continued to say that she had seen the body camera of the police officer and concurred that the officer had handled the situation by “exceeding protocol“.

She highlighted that it was unfair that the police, the McDonald’s store in question and the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina had been subjugated to such a negative response.

Mayor Bethune did point out however that the issue of homelessness should be addressed on a local scale.

“The real question should be what are we doing for our homeless population?”

In a follow up interview Yossi Gallo reflected on the events of February 28th.

He stated that he felt “overwhelmed and glad to see that so many people care” but was a little disappointed with the response to the police department. Although he was angry at the time, he also feels that the officer did her best to control the situation.

When asked why he decided to help the homeless man his response was this;

“I think most of my blessings in life have come from helping people…. I love to give and I love to help others.”

Mr Gallo appears to be a kind and generous person, in contrast to the act of discrimination carried out by the McDonald’s store.  We think he did the right thing and the real issue of peoples’ attitudes towards those less fortunate than us needs to be addressed.


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