Another Holistic Doctor Dies of Alleged “Suicide”

Yet another holistic doctor has been found dead in unusual circumstances.

Dr. Mark Flanagan’s death is the 85th recorded holistic doctor death in a matter of months.

Dr. Flanagan was found dead at home on  February 23, 2018. Reports say that he was found hanged.

Mark’s friends described him as ‘fit, healthy and fun loving’, and his death has come understandably as a huge shock to them.

Health Nut News have reported at length on the unusual spate of holistic doctor death in the U.S in recent months.

85 holistic doctor deaths seems almost like an epidemic, but what is causing all of these deaths?

It is no secret that to be a doctor who advocates holistic therapies in a world ruled by Big Pharma can be incredibly stressful.

The pressures holistic doctors have to put up with from the threat of Big Pharma can often ruin their livelihoods.

The recorded holistic doctor deaths list is a very unnerving read indeed. Many holistic doctors have been found dead in their homes in unusual circumstances, while others disappeared off the face of the earth.

Others have been found in apparent suicide situations where it seems the pressure became too much for them.

The holistic doctors who have tragically been found dead all seemed to have one thing in common – they care about natural health over chemical drugs.

Big Pharma has such close ties with the government and they don’t like to let anything stand in the way of their agenda.

They are more than happy for doctors to carry on prescribing highly addictive and dangerous drugs to vulnerable people. But the minute they speak up against pharmaceutical drugs which they feel are wrong, they become outcasts in the community.

One of the saddest parts of each and every one of these holistic doctor deaths is the way that the innocent families get dragged into it.

Some of the doctors who have gone ‘missing’ have left behind grieving families that just want answers. Sadly it seems most of them never will.

Some holistic doctors have even spoken out against the threats that they have received from other members of the medical world.

Holistic doctor Dr. Humphries told her story of how her life had been put at risk by a mystery someone cutting the brakes to her car, and leaving a threatening crossbow arrow her lawn, after she disagreed with Big Pharma.

Via Health Nut News

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