France Will Make Half of All Food Consumed in Country Organic Or Local by 2022

The French government have announced that half of all food in the country will be organically produced and local by 2022.

French Agricultural Minister Stéphane Travert announced the decision to make the French diet healthier and to boost local farming businesses.

Across the world, governments are struggling to improve the health of nations, as fast food and junk food seem to prevail in many countries.

The French diet seem to have been mostly immune to many of the really bad eating habits that have developed across the world.

The French diet is considered to be considerably healthier than that of other countries, the subject being immortalized in the world-famous book ‘Why French Women Don’t Get Fat’.

But despite this, they are still taking the hard line on healthy food, presumably in an effort to stem the problem before it gets as bad as in other countries.

Obesity in France doubled between 1995 and 2004, but despite this they are only ranked 122nd in the ‘fattest country’ list.

The move has been said to be put forward to help boost  the economy for local farmers. French is a largely rural country, and farming still prevails. But thanks to global powers such as China and the U.S, French farmers have seen their profits decrease in recent years.

Soil Association has said Defra Secretary Michael Gove should “sit up” and “take note” of the new French policy, as obesity in the U.K and other European countries spirals out of control.

Rob Percival, Policy and Campaigns Manager at the Soil Association’s Food for Life has said the French decision shows promise towards local farmers and the nation’s diet.

He said:

“More ambitious action from Government could further stimulate demand for British, local, and higher quality produce. 

“Michael Gove already has the tools he needs at his fingertips. He must move now to implement mandate Defra’s Balanced Scorecard approach across the whole public sector including education and health, while requiring public procurement decisions to place a weighting of at least 60% on quality relative to cost.”

Governments across the world seem unable to tackle the obesity issue head on. They simply make too much money from deals with billion dollar fast food companies who are all too eager to spend money lobbying the governments to make favorable decisions.

But the power ultimately does lie with the government. The harder they make it for people to get hold of bad food cheaply, the rates of obesity are sure to go down.


Via Farming UK

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