Farming Pre-School Teaches Kids How To Grow Their Own Crops

Green school teaches kids how to farm before they can do math.

One school has come up with an ingenious solution to the poor health and nutrition epidemic that is affecting the nation’s children.

Many children are now growing up without any real idea about the importance of healthy food, fruits and vegetables over fast food and junk food due to their parents losing the ability to cook and choose healthy meal options.

This has resulted in a nationwide epidemic of overweight and obese children who, if their habits are not changed face a life of poor health because they lack the skills which will enable them to make healthy food choices and cook their own healthy meals.

A change needed to come, and for one school it has. The “Nursery Fields Forever,” pre-school designed by Italian Edoardo Capuzzo Dolcetta and his team focuses on the importance of health, sustainable living and clean energy solutions to set up young children with a lifetime of understanding.

The team have won the AWR International Ideas Competition with their school design.

Edoardo Capuzzo Dolcetta said:

“We think that kids should enjoy nature,”

“So we designed this strange school: No classrooms, but open spaces where vegetables grow inside and animals can come in too. It’s a mixing of the two things, school and nature.”

The school not only highlights the importance of physical health, but overall holistic well-being. The school operates on a ‘three-tier’ system where the importance is put on learning from nature, learning from technique and learning from practice.

The importance of learning healthy life skills in childhood cannot be overstated. The children at Nursery Fields Forever will benefit much more than their counterparts who attend ‘regular’ nursery schools. Life skill like learning how to garden and grow crops, and learn about how to live the most sustainable life possible will not only benefit their lives, but will help change the planet for the better.

The last few decades has seen the world be used and abused to almost breaking point. The seas are full with more plastic than they have ever been, air pollution due to traffic and industry is depleting the earth’s air and people on the whole are living more unhealthy, blinded lifestyles.

Change will only come if it is approached on a bigger scale, not just on an individual basis. Movements like the Nursery Fields Forever are great because they are teaching whole generations of children to live more fulfilled, healthier lifestyles.


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