Disturbing Images of the Caribbean Show A “Sea Of Plastic And Styrofoam”

Plastic pollution in the oceans is WORSE than ever – shocking pictures.

More needs to be done about plastic pollution, owing to these latest pictures.

Despite there being a drive towards recycling, and reducing the amount of plastics we use, these new pictures show that the problem is now worse than ever.

It is estimated that nearly 12 million tonnes of plastic gets dumped into the ocean each year.  The Independent have reported that there is a risk of there soon being more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Recent photographs taken by Caroline Power show the shocking state of the oceans in the worst hit areas.

She took the photos around Honduras and other Caribbean islands where the plastic problem is out of control.

After taking the images, Power described what she saw as a ‘sea of plastic and Styrofoam‘. In only around 65 years has the earth produced 8 billion tonnes of plastic, and the vast majority has ended up in the oceans.

In one of the images, the entire surface of the sea is covered with discarded plastic, so much so that the sun cannot break through the surface.

Since taking the images, Power has begun to urge people to think carefully about their plastic consumption.

She says:

“Think about your daily lives. How did you take your food to go last time you ate out? How was your last street food served? Chances are it was Styrofoam and served with a plastic fork and then put in a plastic bag”

Take-away your plastic

There has been a change recently in the use of single-use plastic bags. In the UK you now need to pay a small fee for a bag if your don’t bring your own, which has reduced numbers. But take away food is still in issue. Plastic and Styrofoam are still the go-to materials used for food on-the-go and it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

Power goes on to say:

“Do you still use plastic garbage bags? Plastic soda bottles? Zip lock bags? Plastic wrap on your food? Do you buy toilet paper that comes wrapped in plastic instead of paper? Do you put your fruit and vegetables in produce bags at the grocery store?

Power believes that if we all kept hold of our garbage for just one week we would be horrified at the amount of plastic we use. She urges people to make small changes in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic we all consume daily.

H/T The Independent 


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