Costa Rica Just Ran 300 Days On 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

Renewable energy nay-sayers will surely have something to say about this – Costa Rica ran their entire country off renewable energy sources for 299 days.

In 2015 for nearly 300 consecutive days, the country used only renewable energy, a huge achievement, even for such a small country.

Many people think that renewable energy is a ‘nice idea’ but have doubts that it will ever be able to produce enough energy to sustain human life, but this is proof that it is absolutely possible.

Again in 2016 the country ran for 271 days using any type of fuel that wasn’t fossil fuels. The planet has known that fossil fuels are set to run out pretty quickly if we carry on using them at the rate that we have been doing, but despite this certain corporations and indeed whole countries have ignored the warnings and carried on burning coal oil and gas at an alarming rate.

The human race has shown itself up to be lazy and unwilling to change when it comes to renewable energy, solar and wind power are two excellent alternatives to conventional power but still only a small amount of people in the U.S have made, or even thought about making the change to green energy.

For their achievements, Costa Rica used a mixture of hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar energy to power their country, and they have a pledge to be carbon neutral by the year 2021.

Carlos Manuel Obregón, the executive president of ICE, The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity, says that improving and upgrading their grid, mixed with new ‘clean energy’ power plants helped them to achieve their goal, something which other countries can learn from.

It is thought that the fact that Costa Rica have no financial involvement in the success of fossil fuels, holding no shares in them, has made it easier for them to by-pass those methods easier than it will be for other countries who have high economic stakes in the price of coal, oil and gas.

Featured Image Credit – MaxPixel


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