Anthony Bourdain’s Mother: My Son Would NEVER Kill Himself

Gladys Bourdain says he was the ‘last person’ who would ever commit suicide

Speaking out for the first time since the tragic loss of her son, Anthony Bourdain, his mother Gladys has expressed her disbelief that his death was ruled a suicide.

Since Mr. Bourdain’s body was found hanging from a doorknob in a French hotel room last week, many doubts have been raised about whether the CNN reporter actually took his own life.

Since his passing, news has begun to emerge that he was planning to expose a dark child trafficking network with powerful connections.

Public posts on his Twitter account posted just over a month before his death also revealed he had encountered run-ins with Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

According to Mrs. Bordian, Anthony’s best friend, TV chef Eric Ripert, told her that her son as in a “dark mood” in the days prior to his death.

Speaking to the New York Times, Gladys Bourdain, who was an editor at the Times for years, told the newspaper:

“He is absolutely the last person in the world I would have ever dreamed would do something like this.”

Anthony Bourdain “had everything” to live for

Bourdain, the renowned chef, and author whose storytelling and traveling influenced others and embraced different cultures died this week in an apparent suicide.

“He had everything,” his mother told the Times.

“Success beyond his wildest dreams.

“Money beyond his wildest dreams.”

Gladys Bourdain told the Times that Eric Ripert, a French chef and close friend of her son’s, told her that Bourdain “had been in a dark mood these past couple of days.

”Bourdain’s death shocked and saddened the world this week as fans and friends of his expressed the impact he had on their lives and the influential role he had in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant owners and chefs who he visited in his variety of TV shows point to him as a reason for their growing success, and fans took to social media to express how he used his platform to convey empathy and understanding.

Bourdain’s death followed that of Kate Spade, an influential fashion designer who had died in an apparent suicide at age 55.Spade was also found hanging from a doorknob in early similar circumstances.

Kaste Spade, like Anthony Bourdain, also had ties with Hillary Clinton, raising yet more questions about how their deaths may be connected.
Could Anthony Bourdain’s “dark mood” prior to his death be connected evidence he uncovered for an exposé he was working on?Sadly, we may never know as the mainstream media, social media and “fact-checkers” work around the clock to sweep the story under the carpet.


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