9 Sings That Prove You’re Being Watched By Guardian Angel!

Some people say that the idea of having someone watching over us is ridiculous and it just makes people paranoid, but believe it or not, this is a pretty common topic among most religions.

The definition of angels may vary but in general is known as a spiritual being who looks out for their well-being. Normally this idea is reinforced with the fact that many religions promote the concept that angels have strong powers and can come in many forms since they are (regularly) a manifestation of positive energy that only has the best intentions in its mind.

Even though that we feel their presence around us constantly, it is very difficult to know when these spiritual beings are close by. Also, we normally associate them to a deceased relative or lost soul who is looking for redemption, but there are endless scenarios where an angel could have manifested it and we didn’t even know it.

Angels have different ways to communicate with us in our world and sometimes they pay attention to certain details that we may have overlooked, that’s why that if you want to know what are they saying, you should pay attention to these sings.

These are the most common indicators that an angelic force it’s trying to warn you about something dangerous or it’s actually giving you support to follow a difficult path:

1. You Start to see Feathers Around You

One of the things that we usually associate to angels are feathers. So, if you see feathers around you, don’t freak out about it or think that there is a lost chicken nearby you, it could actually mean that your guardian angel is looking over you and it will always be there.

A very strong indicator that this is a guardian angel, is that the feathers that you are starting to see are white.

2. Your Baby Start to Laugh About Something That You Can’t See

Many people say that babies are pure and innocent and because of this, they are able to see things that normal people can’t, the same thing happens to pets. So, if your baby starts to laugh without explanation, maybe is because an angel is trying to put him at ease.

Some pets start to barf or meow when they see strange things that are invisible to the human eye, but babies tend to smile since they are not afraid of these figures and actually, they want to interact with them. Many people say that if your baby sees angels when he is little, that means that he is blessed and that his future will be wonderful.

3. If you Start Seeing Rainbows, then an Angel is Nearby

If you are thinking in ‘’The Luck of the Irish’’ when you see rainbows, that doesn’t mean that you are crazy or something, it means that you associate rainbows with prosperity and luck. That’s the same feeling that you have when an angel is nearby, because they are very spiritual and are a natural source of awe and beauty.

4. Noticing Oddly Shaped Clouds

Remember those old days when you used to sit and watch the clouds in the sky? If you did this and found that some of these clowns were angel shaped, then that probably means that your guardian angel was giving you hints about its existence.

Some clouds can also appear in pleasing shapes as hearts or in symbols that are particularly meaningful for you or the person who sees them.

5. You Start to Feel Chills

Sometimes when you are alone you feel a strange sensation running down your spine, right? If after that you start to feel an unexpected change in temperature, then it’s probably because an angel is at your side.

The way people feel these change in the temperature varies in many ways, some of them feel cold suddenly and others experience a sudden warmth surrounding them and comforting them. This warmth may be a sign that your guardian angel is hugging you and giving you comfort.

6. Electronics Acting Odd

Then pay attention. If you have been going to your room and suddenly the TV turns on by itself or suddenly it switches to a static channel, then probably your guardian angel is trying to tell you something. Spirits have different ways to contact you and their presence can disrupt some electronics in your house.

7. ”Who called me?” Hearing your name

If you were alone by yourself or just walking in a public place somewhere and you hear your name being called out by somebody but you don’t see anyone around, it doesn’t mean that you are psycho, it probably means that your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. Try to open yourself up if you want to get in touch with the spiritual world and see if you can make contact.

8. You Feel a Sudden Tingling at the Crown of Your Head

Another thing that people who believe in angels have noticed is that they feel a tingling at the back of the head in weird moments. This tingling may take the form of sudden warmth and sometimes it’s pretty common to feel it when you are sleeping in your feet.

Many persons have expressed that this warmth may have a relationship between the crown of the head and an angel’s halo. This amazing connection represents that your angel is watching you while you sleep and it will always protect you.

9. You Start to Perceive a Sweet Aroma and Hearing Beautiful Sounds

Do you smell it? Cinnamon, roses and chocolate… If you have experienced this sensation before, then your senses were enhanced extremely.

That sensation of floating for a few seconds it’s not strange at all, and sometimes it’s almost like a day dream. Feel comfortable with these sensations, because they are a good sign that you’re on the right track.

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