16 Signs That It is Time For a Detoxification Of The Body

The concept of detoxification is certainly not a new one. If you start directing your attention to the world of wellness (a modern concept that relates to maintaining our body’s beauty and tone through various methods), even a little, very quickly you get to know about hundreds of different ways to purify the body. Many detox products are available, from different natural juices to ready-to-use formulations. Given the modern lifestyle and the world we live in, the degree of toxicity is increasing and the question is not whether it is necessary to do a detoxification, but when. So it’s a good idea to start listening to your body, and if you experience one of the symptoms below, it’s a good idea to start a detoxifying cure that suits you.

1. Often you are overjoyed by the sweetness

Craving cravings are a big sign that something is wrong. A diet where processed foods abound can disrupt the levels of glucose and leptin hormone (responsible for satiety), with peaks and steep drops in their blood level (as if in a rustic hill ) make sure you have a false need for more toxic food ( junk food ). By doing detoxification and focusing on pure, integral foods, you will restore the normal levels of these two parameters through an adequate intake of the necessary nutrients that you previously lacked.

2. You suffer from some digestive discomfort

This is one of the most obvious signs that you need a complete modification of the diet, and a detoxifying cure can do just that. Constipation, diarrhea, bloating and flatulence are not only uncomfortable; are the last issues that would arise if everything worked properly. Press the reset button with a detox and pause the digestive tract!

3. Seasonal allergies occur regularly

If you have a poor intestinal microbiota, you also have a poor immune system. And as your sinuses are an extension of the digestive system, it can be said that digestive tract health and chronic allergies go hand in hand.

4. Eat healthy but do not feel healthy

Adopting a healthy diet does not mean you never need detoxification; Even the healthiest foods can aggravate certain aspects and can affect you. Removing food from the diet for a certain amount of time can help the digestive tract and the rest of the body. Detoxification can also help the body eliminate toxins that accumulate over time and can lead to health problems.

5. Your skin is not clean, bright

Toxins and chemicals in food do not give us any favor when it comes to the health and appearance of the skin. Overdosing with toxins may force your liver to function (which is the main organ that detoxifies the body), even exceeding its metabolic capacity, and therefore will not be eliminated, but will accumulate in the body. Because your skin is also responsible for the sweating removal of metabolic waste, all of these problems can surface like acne, irritation and inflammation.

6. You are constantly tired

Persistent fatigue can be a deeper problem, known as adrenal fatigue. This occurs when the brain and the adrenal glands do not communicate well due to elevated levels of cortisol (stress hormone), toxins, stress, inflammation or microbial imbalances.

7. You feel blurred

If you lack the ability to concentrate or you struggle to remember different details, and these are happening daily, you are confronted with the “blurring” of the brain. When the body can not remove toxins quickly enough, they accumulate in the body and cause inflammation. A too high degree of inflammation in the body affects the protection of the blood-brain barrier, and leads to “unclear brain syndrome.” A detoxifying cleanser can start to force toxins out, removing inflammatory oxidative stress from the hypothalamus, and you can start thinking again clearly.

8. Regularly experience joint pain

Chronic inflammation that occurs in the body as a result of eating processed foods can cause various problems in the muscles and joints. If you constantly feel pain or stiffness, especially if you have not exaggerated to the gym, it is an important sign of inflammation.

9. You are stressed constantly

Not all detoxification belts have to be based on food. Stress is a huge factor that contributes to many health problems and can even attract autoimmune diseases and mental disorders such as depression. While a dietary (diet) detoxification can be excellent for eliminating physical factors that contribute to stress, sometimes it only takes away all external stimuli, a break or holiday, to restore mental status.

10. The idea of ​​detoxification makes you cry

If the simple thought of giving up the usual eating style makes you come to cry, it shows that you are dealing with an unhealthy attachment to food. Instead of looking at food as the essential fuel for a healthy body, you might look at it wrongly as a reward or punishment. Making a detoxification can be a way to see if your culinary habits have emotional roots, and then you can begin to identify your relationship with your food and start taking steps towards full health.

11. You struggle with weight

We need to become healthy to lose weight, not to lose weight to become healthy. The intestinal microbiota is a vast collection of different bacterial strains, and without proper balance of good bacteria, pathogenic bacteria begin to take control, leading to major problems such as inflammation and slowing metabolism. Take a break and begin to heal your digestive tract.

12. Your hormones are exhausted

Adrenal fatigue, decreased libido, menstrual disturbances, and weight loss resistance are all major hormonal problems. These hormonal problems have been generated by a chronic inflammatory condition that may have been due to toxins and other inflammatory foods in your diet

13. Smell bad

Do you know the phrase ” are you what you eat ?” Well, in this case, you express the smell of what you eat. The body works permanently to eliminate toxins, and the nasty smell of the body is just a sign that your body is trying to detoxify. The need to use excessive deodorants and bad breath are signs that you have reached an unhealthy level of toxin accumulation. So leave the deodorant and drink a fresh and green juice!

14. Sleep cycles have been overwhelmed

Irregular circadian rhythms may be due to subclinical hormonal problems such as leptin resistance and adrenal fatigue mentioned above. You will again be able to sleep uninterruptedly for 8 hours when you start to remove excess toxins from your body and decrease the level of inflammation.

15. You are depressed and anxious

The states of depression and anxiety often come from an inflammatory condition of the body. “The unclear brain begins to send signals that cause an inflammatory-autoimmune response against the brain and the nervous system. When you start to diminish the inflammatory condition by removing certain foods from the diet, you will notice that you start to feel calm.

16. You have episodes of labial herpes

The pain in episodes of labial herpes is about 90% of adults at least once in their life, and 40% of people have many recurrences of these episodes. These are due to herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1), which does not have to be confused with HSV2, the pair of strains that is generally associated with genital herpes. Most of the time the virus is dormant in the body, waiting for an opportunity to wake up. When the immune system is weakened due to toxins and inflammation, it is very likely that the virus reactivates itself. If you are often confronted with such problems, it would be helpful to reinforce your immune system with a detoxifying cure.

If you answer yes to at least one of these points, it means that you have to take the appropriate measures! Instead of doing a quick detox, choose measures to apply at long-term, and keep your lifestyle as pure as possible.

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